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1. I like Billy. He is ____ generous man.

2. How ____you today?

3. Mrs. Fielding said she _____help me singing.

4. Where did you ____Titanic?

5. Only _____ students in my class wear glasses.

6. Would you go into space if you ___ the chance?

7. Yolanda comes to school ____ train.

8. I ‘d make some coffee but I forgot _____ some coffee beans.

9. How _____ is that CD player?

10. I don’t know what we’ll do when the shop closes down. _____of us want to leave.

11. When ______the party?

12. Sao Paolo is _____biggest city in South America.

13. The more I know him _____ I find him.

14. They insisted on ______ to the meeting.

15. ____you going to be at home this evening?

16. This house needs _____. It’s filthy.

17. What ____you do if there is a blackout?

18. I ___ my shoes because they were dirty.

19. I wish I _____understand Spanish.

20. They arrived after the party _____.

21. If I hadn’t got married when I was eighteen, I _____to university to study agriculture.

22. The car is driving ______the tunnel under the Thames.

23. She told me that she_____ her car when she was driving to work.

24. ___ you bring your dictionary yesterday?

25. She went to the salon _______

26. The doctor asked me what I _____ when I broke my leg.

27. We _____ to stay at school after the lesson today.

28. We ______ French by Mr. Dubois, the French teacher.

29. What is Stella ____ today?

30. _____ it rained , it was a great day.

31. Hi. What’s____?

32. You look tired. _____?

33. Today is ____yesterday.

34. What _____ you doing?

35. _____ never seen a tornado.

36. What are you doing _____?

37. If I didn’t like cooking, I ____ be a chief.

38. David borrowed some money _____ a car.

39. This is the _____ film I’ve ever seen.

40. ______ you walk to school or take a bus?

41. If the weather is good, I _____ the children to the park.

42. What ______ you going to do tomorrow?

43. Yuri ____ breakfast at half past eight every morning.

44. Did you see the news on TV ____ ten o’clock?

45. Franco comes ____Costa Rica.

46. All the children ______presents by Father Christmas.

47. _____ ’ s the time? - It’s five o’clock.

48. She_____ a great ballet dancer if she hadn’t grown so tall.

49. Franco ____ to the cinema after the lesson.

50. Are you good ______swimming?



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